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St. Andrew’s is a partner congregation of The Interfaith Alliance.  With their expertise in social justice advocacy to guide us, we can stay up to date on meaningful actions that can be taken to advocate for social and racial justice.  They provide education and up-to-date information on ways to affect the state legislative process and to participate in other events to influence the renewal of the world, which is part of the mission of St. Andrew’s.  You can check this site regularly.  Especially during the legislative session, we will try to keep you apprised of current legislation and of suggested actions you could take to make a difference.

If you have any questions or would like to get more involved or receive the weekly emails we get from The Interfaith Alliance, please contact Sue Torfin at or Betsy Hoover at


An ongoing event is Faithful Tuesdays.  Every Tuesday during the legislative session a coalition of faith-based organizations organizes a rally in the north foyer of the capital from 12-1:00 focused on a particular social justice issue.  The schedule is below.



The Interfaith Alliance  –  Seeking the renewal of the world


The Interfaith Alliance provides education and up-to-date information on meaningful action we can take to advocate for social and racial justice in Colorado.  As a partner congregation, we can utilize TIA’s expertise and take steps to affect identified legislative bills.

Check this site for information on the process of current legislation, suggested actions you can take, and upcoming “how to” classes.


If you are interested, we want to hear from you!  Please email us for more information on getting involved, or to request the weekly TIA email.

Sue Torfin,

Betsy Hoover,


Faithful Tuesdays at the Capitol

Join individuals from a variety of faith-based organizations, including TIA, for a rally focused on a particular social justice issue.  Every Tuesday, March 5 – April 30, in the north foyer.

March 5 – Mile High Ministries: Affordable Housing

March 12 – Rocky Mountain Synod (ELCA): Financial Equity

March 19 – Colorado Catholic Conference

March 26 – The Episcopal Church in Colorado: Economic Justice

April 2 – Colorado Sikhs

April 9 – Together Colorado

April 16 – Interfaith Alliance of Colorado

April 23 – Organization TBD

April 30 – Together Colorado: Closing Ceremony











Following are four bills up for consideration at the state legislature with recommendations on how to have an impact if you want to take action on their progression.



HB19-1118: Extending Notice to a Tenant Before Eviction


Monday, March 11th HB19-1118 will be heard on the House Floor.


Contact your representative before Monday, March 11 asking them to PASS HB19-1118.


This bill would extend notice before a landlord can file eviction from three days to 10 days. While many landlords are flexible and understanding when life – unexpected car repairs, medical emergencies, and layoffs – happens, the goal of this bill is to codify the grace that most landlords already give so that all Colorado renters, especially the ones who are most vulnerable to homelessness, can rely on a consistent standard.


Renters’ protections in Colorado lag behind most other states across the country, especially regarding eviction notice; in fact, 28 states give more notice before eviction than Colorado in the case of unpaid rent, and 36 states provide more notice in the case of other lease violations.

Continue reading…



The consumer resource site regarding lending alternatives has been updated.



SB19-182 – Death Penalty


Please contact our Senators and request their support of Senate Bill 182 to repeal the death penalty.


On Wednesday, the Senate Judiciary Committee voted to pass SB 182, a bill to end the death penalty in Colorado and replace it with life without the parole. Governor Polis has stated publicly that he will sign a repeal bill passed by the legislature.


The next step is the debate on the Senate floor, which could come as early as next week.  That is why we are being asked to call our Senators today.


Use this tool findmylegislator (type your zip code into the search function) to find the contact information for your senator and call him or her and ask them to PASS SB 182


If you live in District 20 or 28, your Senators are two that are unsure of how they will vote and have asked to hear from you as one of their constituents. Their information is located below.


Senate District 20

Senator Jessie Danielson


Phone: 303-866-4856


Senate District 28

Senator Nancy Todd


Phone: 303-866-3432


More Material on this Bill




HB19-1039 – Jude’s Law, Gender ID

On Wednesday, March 13 HB19-1039 will be heard before the Senate Committee.


Under current law, a person born in Colorado who seeks a new birth certificate from the registrar of vital statistics (state registrar) to reflect a change in gender designation must obtain a court order indicating that the sex of the person has been changed by surgical procedure and ordering that the gender designation on the birth certificate be amended, and the person must obtain a court order with a legal name change. The bill repeals that provision and creates new requirements for the issuance of birth certificates in cases of changes to gender designation or for an intersex individual.


More about this Bill

Please contact Committee Members to PASS Jude’s Law – HB19-1039

Senator Pete Lee – Chair



Senator Julie Gonzales – Vice Chair



Senator John Cooke



Senator Bob Gardner



Senator Robert Rodriguez





HB19-1129 – Prohibit Gay Conversion Therapy for a Minor


On Monday, March 18 HB19-1129 will be heard before the Senate Committee.


The bill prohibits a licensed physician specializing in psychiatry or a licensed, certified, or registered mental health care provider from engaging in conversion therapy with a patient under 18 years of age. A licensee who engages in these practices is subject to disciplinary action by the appropriate licensing board. The bill also makes the advertising or practice of conversion therapy by a physician or mental health care provider a deceptive trade practice under the “Colorado Consumer Protection Act”. “Conversion therapy” means efforts to change an individual’s sexual orientation, including efforts to change behaviors or gender expressions or to eliminate or reduce sexual or romantic attraction or feelings toward individuals of the same sex.


Please Contact Committee Members to PASS HB19-1129

Senator Mike Foote – Chair



Senator Lois Court – Vice Chair



Senator Rhonda Fields



Senator Vicki Marble



Senator Jerry Sonnenberg



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