The 2017 Bake Sale

Thank You for a great Bake Sale

Many, many thanks to the bakers, cooks, volunteers and buyers who made this year's bake sale another HUGE success raising more than $1,000 to support our mission and ministries.  We almost sold out of everyone's hard work, which is great for the bakers, great for the buyers and most importantly.... a wonderful contribution to St. Andrew's! If you missed the sale and want to put in an order, let Ally know and she will match you with a buyer or cook! 



It's back! The much-loved Fall Back Sale is back and it's time to stock your freezer and get ready for holiday entertaining. NEW this year: pre-orders! Is there something you are craving? Something from a past sale that you want to make sure you score this year? Simply email Ally Dodge at and let her know what you are looking for.

Below is a list of what bakers and cooks are considering preparing and you can reserve an item in advance by emailing Ally at We will still be selling sweet and savory goods the day of the sale for all you last minute procrastinators! Sales will be before and after the morning services and before the Still Point Service at 5pm.

If you would like to bake, cook or volunteer the sales desk, please email Ally at

Parishioner Looking For…          

Please email Ally at with your requests!

Bakers looking for Buyers!

Betsy Hoover                                    Gluten Free Dessert – buyer’s option

Nancy Panter                                    Sweet or Savory Vegan or Vegetarian – buyer’s option

Kathleen Melleno                            Pie – buyer’s choice

Clara Winters                                   3 dozen cookies – flavors by request (could be 3 buyers)

Barbara Bomberger                        casserole by request

Alice Barton                                      making various breads, but will custom bake a loaf for you!

Parishioner who will be making…

Suzette Riddle                          Pumpkin Muffins
Suzette Riddle                          Cranberry Muffins
Ally Dodge                                 Sausage Cheese Biscuits
Barbara Bomberger                Chocolate pumpkin cakes with cream cheese frosting (One reserved by Reinharts)
Barbara Bomberger                Fall or Holiday Decorated Sugar Cookies
Barbara Bomberger                Savory Muffins
Barbara Bomberger                Casseroles (including her famous taco/bean casserole for ELF)
Al Grinestaff                            Two seasonal fresh fruit crostatas (one reserved by Reinharts)
Alice Barton                             Various yummy fall breads (pumpkin, zucchini, and orders by request)
Jennifer Barker                       Snickerdoodles (one dozen reserved by Reinharts)
Ally Dodge                               Nancy Fox's cocktail biscuits
Clara Winters                         White chocolate, coconut macadamia nut , Toll House bar cookies or Oatmeal

Rick Larson                            4 - 5"x8" containers of fudge - usually 8-12 pieces per container (ONE RESERVED)

Kathleen Melleno                  1 pie, buyers choice

Susan Trickett                        shortbread (One batch reserved by Bill Caulkins)

Wib Garfield                          Gingerbread mini-bundt cakes and something savory (1 bundt cake reserved by Ally Dodge)

Reese &  Diane Jameson     10-12 jars of Sweet & Spicy Pickles (5 jars reserved so far)

Julie Buri                                1 Greek walnut pie, 1 Winter fruit & walnut pie (RESERVED Marilyn M), 3 small loves of pumpkin, Cranberry bread

Jill Ogborn                          Ginger Cookies

Nancy Panter                     vegan/vegetarian by request

Elayne Gallagher               2 Flourless Chocolate Tortes (ONE RESERVED)

Marjanne Claassen           sesame seed cookies, double chocolate oatmeal cookies

Marjanne Claassen           artisan bread

Teri Appell                          two carrot cakes

Karen Mayes                      Karen’s Famous Christmas Crack (organic mix of dried fruits and roasted nuts with fall spices)

Ruth Carver                         3-4 doz Double Chocolate Mint Cookies

Kylie Schwartz                   shortbread

Kylie Schwartz                   Gluten Free Banana Bread

Betsy Hoover                     By Request Gluten Free Dessert

Susan Backus                     3 dozen oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, 3 jars peach chutney

Debbie Chavez                  2 jars of homemade salsa Verde and 2 jars of cranberry chutney                                                                              

Sue Kilgore                         peanut butter/chocolate chip/oatmeal cookies.