Sunday, December 23, 2018   The Fourth Sunday of Advent

9:00 am   Holy Eucharist   X   11:00 am   Solemn Eucharist   X   5:30 pm   Still Point

Sundays at 9:00am Child/Youth Faith Formation

 This Week’s News in Brief

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 Today’s envelopes

Today’s plate (unpledged) offering supports Maintaining our Buildings and Grounds. Please use the envelope in your leaflet or simply place your donation in the plate. Today’s DipJar donations also support this ministry.  If you are one of the many who don’t carry cash, the DipJar stands ready to take your contribution via your debit/credit card.

Pledge Campaign 2019 Update 
Many thanks to the 78 households including 11 new pledgers who have brought our 2019 pledge total to $285,997.  We are a little over halfway there!
Coming in the New Year: Church Business

During the twelve days of Christmas, we’ll be gathering to worship and celebrate the joy of the season. Early in the new year, there will be several pieces of business to which we’ll attend as a body, all of them connected in some way to our Annual Parish Meeting on Sunday, January 27, at a 10 am service.

Announcement of Vestry Slate: this year we’ll be electing five members to serve on the vestry. Three will serve three year terms, one a two year term, and one a one year term. The slate of nominees will be published the first week of January.

2019 Draft Budget and Budget Review Sessions: the vestry will be presenting a budget to the parish at the annual meeting. On the Sundays prior, there will be an opportunity to review the budget and ask questions.

Materials to Review for Annual Meeting: we will spend some time at the annual meeting considering how we may be called to move forward as a parish, continuing to examine how we live into our vision and mission. We’ll be sending out some materials for you to consider ahead of time, again, with a chance for conversation and questions.

Completion of Pledge Campaign: response to our 2019 pledge campaign has been encouraging so far, and we’re grateful for the promises of support we have received. If we haven’t heard from you, please turn in your pledge today by mailing your card, or contacting Jeff in the office: To prepare a 2019 budget, the vestry depends on an accurate understanding of what our pledge revenue will be, so the sooner we hear from everyone, the better we can prepare for the coming year.

We look forward to celebrating the season of Christmas with you, and to attending to the business of the church in the new year.

Volunteer for Ministries
Thanks for your prayerful and generous commitments for financial pledges to St Andrew’s.  Another aspect of stewardship is the donation of your time and talents to our ministries.  This Sunday, December 9 during both coffee hours we will share information about our ministries and give you an opportunity to learn how you might volunteer to join them.

Vestry Nominations
At our annual meeting, Sunday, January 27, we will elect five new members to the vestry. The vestry nominating committee is accepting suggestions for nominees until Sunday, December 16. Nominees need to be adult members of the parish who have been confirmed in the Episcopal Church, are actively involved in ministry, and are faithful stewards and contributors to St. Andrew’s. Three of the nominees will serve three-year terms and one a one-year term. Please offer suggested names for nominees in writing or via email to one of the members of the committee listed below by December 16, 2018.  Include a brief explanation of why you consider the candidate to be qualified.  If you feel called, you can submit your own name!  If you have any questions about service on the vestry or the nominating process, please don’t hesitate to ask or email one of the members of the nominating committee. Thank you for your prayerful consideration.
The nominating committee members may be contacted by email:  Matt Bentley,; Victoria Parker,; and Kylie Schwartz,

The Giving Tree
Thank you from the young mothers and children who receive services from the Florence Crittenton Center!  The tags were taken from the Giving Tree and we are very grateful for the wonderful response again this year from the St. Andrew’s community.  The gifts donated really do make a difference in the lives of these young women and children.

Family Promise Thank You!

Thanks to all who provided hospitality this week to all those involved in Family Promise.

Bake Sale Success

Thank you to everyone who participated in our annual Bake Sale.  We are so grateful for the incredibly talented bakers we have in this parish and especially for the generosity of everyone who prepared not only tasty but also beautifully presented items for the sale.  Thank you also to everyone who participated by buying a treat – or two, or three… or more –   and for the generous donations as well.

From the Stewardship Ministry: Thanks, and Update

Thank you to those of you who have returned your pledge cards! As of mid-week, 58 households have renewed their pledges, and we have 8 new pledgers!  These 66 pledges add up to $234,000, so we are approaching the halfway mark. We are grateful for every pledge, and appreciate that many households have been able to respond to our need for additional giving by increasing their pledges.


Celebrating Life’s Milestones

We would like to join in your celebration of lifetime milestones and events!!

Beginning on January 1, we will be launching a new ministry where greeting cards will be sent to the members of our community who are celebrating Birthdays, Anniversaries, or other life time events.  Over the next few weeks, we are asking our community members to submit dates of their Birthdays and Anniversaries (day and month only),  so that a data base of  this information can be created.  If you are interested in participating, please submit your information to Scott Barnette at or (720) 545-4744.

Coffee Hour Sign Up

For those of you that do not wish to use the electronic sign up, we will be printing the sheet for display on the snack table each Sunday going out for the upcoming 8 weeks.  If there is a special occasion you wish to reserve further out, just let me know and I am happy to pencil you in.  Also, if you are not able to bring snacks, yet would still like to participate in supporting this ministry, please know donations are always welcome!! Any questions, please contact Karen Mayes at 512.423.0520 or

Parish Annual Report
The Annual Meeting of the congregation is coming up in January.  Do you lead one of the ministries at St. Andrew’s?  It is time to start working on your Ministry Report for the printed Parish Annual Report.  Please submit your reports to by Monday, January 7.  Thanks!



Advent and Christmas at St. Andrew’s

Sunday, December 23 – Advent 4
Holy Eucharist at 9 and 11 am
Children and Youth programming at 9 am
Nursery care available
Still Point service at 5:30 pm

Monday, December 24 – Christmas Eve
Eucharist with Pageant at 4 pm
No nursery
3:40 pm Carols

Monday, December 24 – Christmas Eve
Festival Eucharist at 10:30 pm
No nursery
10:00 pm Carols
Reception immediately following in the undercroft
Tuesday, December 25 – Christmas Day
One morning service at 10 am
No nursery

Sunday, December 30 – Christmas 1
One morning service at 10 am
No nursery; no children’s program
No Still Point

Thursday, January 3
Evensong service at 5:45pm

Sunday, January 6 – The Epiphany
Holy Eucharist at 9 and 11 am
Children and Youth programming at 9 am
Nursery care available
Lessons and Carols with Epiphany Procession
at 5:30 pm



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