Exploring Life and Faith

ELF meets every Thursday evening (September through May) at St. Andrew's. Our program begins with Evensong at 5:45 followed by a provided light supper at 6:30. Exploration of the topics begins at 7:15. We end our evening with prayer. All are invited to come for the whole evening or any of its parts. Child care is provided starting at 6:30 pm.


On Thursday evenings this spring, join members of St. Andrew’s Sustainability team as we begin a series of conversations about environmental sustainability.

April 27 - Our call to creation care

We will look at our scriptural call to care for the world around us, and consider the Anglican Communion’s Fifth Mark of Mission: “To strive to safeguard the integrity of creation, and sustain and renew the life of the earth.” We'll read and discuss passages from the Bible that inform us, even as our environment and use of the earth's resources continue to evolve. 

May 4 - We are not alone

Jessica Abel is the project director of Colorado Interfaith Power and Light. She will share her wealth of knowledge on the many sustainable partnerships and options already at work in Colorado, and offer us inspiration for how we may be called to act. She will help us to discover ways to improve our own creation stewardship and finding more sustainable ways of producing and using energy.

May 11 - Water Sustainability globally and locally

Humans are mostly water, and so the ability to have a safe, reliable source of clean water profoundly affects our social, economic, and political systems. Roger Kilgore, a water resources engineer from our parish, begins by exploring issues in developing nations without dedicated water delivery systems. This discussion will support the following week's discussion of international sustainability goals. The discussion will then move to national issues, such as safety and standards, privatization, drought, and climate change. Finally, the conversation focuses locally, with a discussion of the likely impacts that Denver's recent growth may have on the local water supply, delivery, and treatment systems. Suggestions on ways that individual households may reduce or conserve their water use are discussed.

May 18 - Environmental justice is social justice 

How can the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals inform and enlighten us to the plight of many throughout the world? Cynthia Katsarelis shares her experience and these 17 Goals as we consider the intersection between our use of the earth’s resources and the lives of our neighbors here and abroad. Challenging questions and inspiring stories from those experiencing daily life on the front lines of climate change will lead us to think broadly about what we can do individually.

May 25 - The nexus of our environment, spirituality, and science 

We conclude our series with a discussion of environmental concerns and how they relate to a growing bond between science and spirituality. As we move forward into increasingly uncertain times when considering the fate of our environment, science spirituality also appear to be converging. More and more, our future is reliant on how well we understand our impacts on the natural world. The relationship between our understanding and our beliefs is pivotal at this time, and when considering the environment that cares for us, this relationship needs an investment. Guest speaker Christopher Marks, a Civil and Environmental Engineer graduate researcher from the Colorado School of Mines will lead us in understanding these complex issues.