Exploring Life and Faith

May 2 - “Anglo-Catholicism 101” with Tim Krueger, Choirmaster

Ever wondered when -- and why -- we cross ourselves during a service?  What is the meaning of processions, incense, sung liturgies?  What's all that acolyte/clergy bowing for, and what are they bowing to?  What is the significance of the wide array of vestments on view on  a typical Sunday morning?  What is unique about Anglo-Catholic ritual as opposed to other denominations?  If any of these questions, or any others, have crossed your mind over your months or years at St. Andrew's, come to a one-night session on Anglo-Catholic ritual presented by our clergy and choirmaster.


May 9:  “An Instructed Eucharist”  with Elizabeth Randall, Melissa Adzima, and Tim Krueger

The celebration of Holy Communion is the center of our common life, and the eucharist transforms us and our relationships, no matter how much we know or don’t know about it. And yet, as our understanding deepens, our experience is enhanced. Join Mother Elizabeth, Mother Melissa, and Choirmaster Tim for a session in which we examine the separate elements of our liturgy of the table.


May 16: “Unraveling the Mysteries of the Pipe Organ” with Ralph Valentine, organist

This presentation will feature an exploration of the "King of Instruments" - a hands-on examination of how a pipe organ works and how it has successfully served many churches for centuries as the ideal instrument for leading congregational singing as well as accompanying the choir and performing a vast corpus of liturgical music.

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