Exploring Life and Faith


Doorways into the Christian Experience


The REAL Lord’s Prayer

September 13 with Nina Churchman

Do you love, hate, or are bored by the Lord’s Prayer?  We will look at the original Aramaic version of the prayer and its English translation.  Come and discover how beautiful and life-giving this prayer is.


A History of Sacred Music - A Personal Reflection

September 20 with Tim Krueger

Choirmaster Tim Krueger presents the major milestones in the development of Christian sacred music, from its Jewish roots to the present (with a slight emphasis on Gregorian Chant and its importance to the genre), adding his personal insights from his almost 30 years experience as a church choir director.


Understanding How Moral Stress is Experienced in our Bodies

and How Spiritual Practices Help

September 27 with Carrie Doehring

Moral stress arises from conflicts in core values and undermines our sense of spiritual authenticity.  We will explore the various ways we experience moral stress in our bodies, the kinds of emotions moral stress generates, and the values and beliefs that often go with moral stress.  We will share spiritual practices that help us experience compassion and make good decisions about how to live out core values and beliefs.


Good Politics Follow-Up:  What General Convention Did & What Now?

October 4 with Zoe Cole

This summer the Episcopal “Family” (TEC) gathered in Austin, TX at General Convention to discern how God is calling us to use our gifts as a church - through our relationships with others in the family, through our participation as citizens in our national politics, and in our own local contexts.  We’ve made further progress on marriage for All, will be changing the Book of Common Prayer (slowly), and authorized the Global Relations Office to advocate for a variety of national and international political causes to make the world better for the least and the lost.  Learn about what we did, why, and the implications for our parish and our diocese. .


In Many Voices, Through Many Eyes: Ways of Reading the Bible

October 11 and 18 with Elizabeth Randall

Our understanding of how diverse communities read scripture has changed dramatically in the past generation.  The gifts we receive, and the challenges we encounter as we read the Bible are different depending on who we are and where we stand.  Together we’ll look at a variety of lenses through which we and others read scripture.  Mother Elizabeth will welcome the chance to read and reflect with you.


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