A Vision and Mission for St. Andrew’s

A Vision and Mission for St. Andrew’s


God is active here at St. Andrew’s, and God is calling us to action. God is bringing us new life and growth, and with it, change – a new future that we create with God. As we move into the future, encountering unexpected delights and inevitable challenges, a vision of God’s promise for us and for the world will sustain and guide us. The vestry of St. Andrew’s has adopted a new vision and mission to guide us all into the future we are building with God.


A vision speaks, in language we know, of things that are beyond our experience.  It lives in the future, and beckons to us from there.  A vision is what God sees when God looks at us, and that vision shapes how God calls us to action. Mission describes what we do, inspired by the vision.


Our Vision

The tree of life is growing here.

Our Mission

We are called

To offer sanctuary in the city

To grow in God’s love

To seek the renewal of the world


The image of the tree of life has offered beauty and hope to countless generations of the faithful.  Scripture tells us of a world made new and whole, where every living thing is healed and gathered into a place of safety and celebration.  In that image of a new heaven and a new earth from the Book of Revelation, the river of life flows through the middle of the city of God. And rooted in the river is the tree of life, “with its twelve kinds of fruit, producing its fruit each month; and the leaves of the tree are for the healing of the nations.” (Revelation 22:2) It bears a promise of unfailing abundance, healing, and renewal.


In the months and years to come, we hope this vision and mission will inspire and guide us. In our worship and music, our ministry with children, our work with our outreach fundamental partners, our anticipated development of the parking lots, and opportunities we cannot now even imagine, our commitment to sanctuary in the city, growing in love, and the renewal of the world will shape our conversations and our decisions.  And the vision of the tree of life growing in our midst will feed our souls.


As you’ll see, the statement can expand in many directions, so that it includes more and more of the gifts we receive, what we value in our life together, and what we hope for the future. I invite you to join me in reflecting on this statement, and using it as you speak of this community and what it means to you, and the potential you see here for sharing the message of love and acceptance with a world that is hungry for good news.

As always, I invite you to contact me with any comments or questions.  — Elizabeth