Tiny House Village Project

 June 9, 2017 --  St. Andrew's started exploring the idea of installing a Tiny House Village in January 2016.  Since then, the tiny house movement has continued to build momentum in Denver.  The City has been working with various organizations, including St. Andrew's, to craft zoning and building codes that allow for the construction and installation of temporary tiny house villages.  This approach allows a tiny house village, which meets the zoning and building codes as currently written, to be installed for a six-month period on a site.  At the end of the six-month period, the tiny houses need to be moved to a new location.  

In the Spring of 2016, Alternative Solutions Advocacy Project ("ASAP"), was launched by some long-time advocates for homeless rights and housing.  ASAP is comprised of a coalition of service providers, advocates, foundations, business leaders, congregations, and people living on the streets. Convinced that Denver needed a new and better policy, ASAP has been instrumental in its work with the City to bring about the changes to zoning and building codes which now allow for the temporary installation of tiny house villages.  ASAP will continue to work with the City to develop zoning and building code changes to allow for the construction and installation of more long term tiny house villages.    

The first tiny house village, is called Beloved Community Village after its sponsoring church, the Beloved Community Mennonite Church.  It is currently under construction at 37th and Walnut Streets and is estimated to be fully occupied by mid-June.  St. Andrew's joined ASAP this spring and will be the first church to host a tiny house village on church property in Denver.  We hope to have the village installed, constructed and occupied by no later than the end of 2017.   

This is still an active, evolving project and we will keep you up-to-date as plans progress.  


 Questions about the Tiny House Village?  Email here