St. Andrew's Tiny House Village

St. Andrew's has the rare opportunity to partner with Delores Project and Radian, Inc. in creating a project for a small scale, temporary, Tiny House Village located on a section of the north parking lot. Please join Mike Ogborn, Matt Bentley and Deacon Wib Garfield to learn about this exciting opportunity for St. Andrew's to live into our mission to offer sanctuary in the city, grow in God’s love, and seek the renewal of the world. Informational meetings will be held in the Undercroft after the 10 a.m. services on Sunday, August 14, 2016, Sunday, August 21, 2016, and Sunday, August 28, 2016.

Who is Delores Project?
The Delores Project is the largest provider of safe, comfortable shelter and personalized services for unaccompanied women and transgender individuals experiencing homelessness and advocates for housing solutions.

Who is Radian, Inc.?
Radian, Inc. advocates for a city in which community engagement and empowerment is centered at the heart of the design and planning process. As a community design center, Radian, Inc. provides guidance for individuals, organizations and neighborhoods to actively participate in creating healthier, sustainable and more equitable communities.

How large will this Tiny House Village be?
The Village will consist of 8 Tiny Homes which will be approximately 8 x 12 feet each; a community gathering/kitchen space; and a lavatory area which includes a shower and two toilets.

What is the cost to St. Andrew's for this project?
The costs of implementing, constructing, and operating the Village will be provided through grant funds which will be obtained by Delores Project and others. St. Andrew's will provide the temporary use of space for the Village.

Who will oversee the daily operations?
Delores Project will provide the daily oversight and case management for the project. In addition, the residents of the Village will have a board that works in conjunction with Delores Project staff similar to the model currently used by Delores Project.

Have more questions? Please be sure to attend one of the informational meetings. In the event you are not able to attend one of the informational meetings, please contact Mike Ogborn, Deacon Wib or Matt Bentley directly.


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