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St. Andrew’s Prayer Chain – Prayer List for 10/17/17

Ill/asked for prayers

Ethel McKim, Ken Backensto's aunt; Thomas Sisneros, father of Lisa Sisneros; Elaine and Vern Kornelsen; George Hoover; Carol Rinehart; John, brother of Scott Barnette;

Alan and Carmen; Matthew and family; Marian Randall; Leslie Manring and her family;

Lu; John; Brian; JP; Patti and Jen; Marilyn and Gary; Max and Maureen Meyers; Father Dick Palmer; Sophia Nabizadah and family; Corky Pumilia; Mike Giddings; Ashley.

Those who have died

Mary Dunbar, sister of Cecilia Masson.

Those who have died this week as victims of war, violence, natural disasters, abuse and neglect.

Those who mourn

Family and friends of Mary Dunbar, especially Cecilia Masson.

The families and friends of those who have died in the tragic shooting in Las Vegas, the hurricanes and flooding in the Caribbean, and the earthquake in Mexico City.


Please pray for

All those affected by the fires in California.

Renee, having serious health issues.

Deanna Kreiger, having open heart surgery.

Cathy, for healing after heart surgery with serious unexpected complications, and for help discerning the path forward. 

Hannah, facing some decisions

Lynette Emery, moved to assisted living

Elaine, who has stage 4 cancer: to know God's healing presence and love.

Victims of the tragic shooting in Las Vegas.

Victims of the earthquake in Mexico City.

Victims of the hurricanes and flooding in the Caribbean.

Jeff Culwell, for physical and spiritual strength for healing after surgery.

The family of Jeff Culwell, especially his wife Joelle and his children.

Janis Dodge, mother of Ally Dodge, for health and healing.

Orion Maxwell Trickett and his parents Bea and Chris.

Gilbert: for healing from addiction and for strength and peace.

Nicole, for mental and emotional healing and peace.

Frank and Lynn Huber, for healing and strength.

Racial reconciliation everywhere, but especially in cities.

The right use of the riches of creation, that the world may be freed from poverty, famine, and disaster.

Tree of Life Prayers

Pray for those who have no one to pray with them or for them.