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St. Andrew’s Prayer Chain – Prayer List for 06/04/19


Those who have died

Mike Wade.

Those who have died this week as victims of war, violence, natural disasters, abuse and neglect.


Ill/asked for prayers

Marian and Harry Randall; Mimi, Mike Kornelsen; Shaun; Sue Glassmacher; Lindsay; Dave; Mardell; Theresa; Maddie; John Barnette, brother of Scott; Gary and Shirley; Le Mai Ziani; Bob; Carol Bush and Lisa; Sisneros; Brian; Mary; The Miller Family; Sophia Nabizadah; Patrick; Christina; JP; Father Dick Palmer; Leslie Manring and her family.



For the Confirmation of our Catechumens; Jim Fittz, Matalee Smith, Tamara Schmiege, and Leo Bonfadini.

For the Baptism of Miles McCabe at the 10 o'clock service today.

For Meg North's graduation from Lakewood High School and beginning her college career at UNC.


Those who mourn

Family and friends of Mike Wade, especially his spouse, Bobbi Jo.

Family and friends of Lucy Johnson.

Family and friends of Thomas Penney, especially Mother Elizabeth.


Pray for Mission and Outreach Partners

St. Elizabeth’s School: An intentionally inclusive K-8 Episcopal school


Please pray for

Cynthia Katsarelis and Rebecca Maloy as they travel to Greece.

Jody, Sue Torfin's daughter, undergoing serious tests.

Heidi McGuire, suffering from a brain tumor.

Marilyn and Patti, for safe travel.

Leo and his family, grieving the death of his daughter, Diana.

Mother Melissa, for a peaceful pregnancy and safe delivery, and for Alan and Rachel.

Comfort and peace for those troubled and disturbed by recent school violence.

Ron Yeater, for strength and healing.

Elnora, with sepsis and other health problems, for healing; and prayers for her daughters Dorothy and Marian.

Nan, for healing from pneumonia.

All migrants everywhere, for their health, safety and well-being. May their lives be blessed with welcome and love.

Laura Tribby, awaiting surgery.

Kristen, high risk pregnancy.

Judy, Sue Torfin's sister-in-law who requires a bone marrow transplant for a leukemia-type condition

Ted, for healing and help for mental illness, and guidance to those who can help.

Nicole, for mental and emotional healing and peace.

Frank and Lynn Huber, for healing and strength.

Liz Evans and her daughter, Mimi.

Racial reconciliation everywhere, but especially in cities

The right use of the riches of creation, that the world may be freed from poverty, famine, and disaster.


Tree of Life Prayers

Pray for those who have no one to pray with them or for them.