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St. Andrew’s Prayer Chain – Prayer List for 08/06/19


Those who have died

Those who have died this week as victims of war, violence, natural disasters, abuse and neglect.


Ill/asked for prayers

Alita and her family; Shaun; Nan; Dave; Mardell; Theresa; Maddie; John Barnette, brother of Scott; Le Mai Ziani; Bob; Rita and Al; Patti Wright; Mike; Janice; Lindsay; The Miller Family; Sophia Nabizadah; Patrick;

Christina; JP; Leslie Manring and her family; Carol Bush and Lisa Sisneros; Brian; Harry Randall; Mary.



For the birth of Elizabeth Laura, to Mother Melissa and Alan Adzima, Rachel's baby sister.


Pray for Mission and Outreach Partners

Family Promise: Offers hope and assistance to help homeless families to once again achieve self-sufficiency.


Please pray for

Richard, for recovery from injuries resulting from a car accident.

Pearl, for recovery from cancer and for love, support and strength throughout the treatments.

Paddy, wife of Kathleen Motika, recovering from heart attack

Father Dick Palmer, for healing and recovery from a broken hip.

Barbara, for healing for her broken arm

Karen, for healing

Mimi, for recovery

Judy, for recovery from surgery, and peace of mind.

Marilyn and Patti, for smooth transition to assisted living.

Ron Yeater, for strength and healing

All migrants everywhere, for their health, safety and well-being. May their lives be blessed with welcome and love.

Laura Tribby, for surgery.

Kristen, high risk pregnancy.

Ted, for healing and help for mental illness, and guidance to those who can help.

Nicole, for mental and emotional healing and peace.

Frank and Lynn Huber, for healing and strength.

Racial reconciliation everywhere, but especially in cities

The right use of the riches of creation, that the world may be freed from poverty, famine, and disaster.


Tree of Life Prayers

Pray for those who have no one to pray with them or for them.