Mission and Outreach Ministry 2016

The Mission and Outreach Ministry is chartered to address the needs of the marginalized both locally and globally. We do this by offering sanctuary and personal engagement and we inform the congregation and our community about the challenges faced by the underserved. We do this in response to God’s Love and to seek the renewal of the world.

Our mission and outreach activities at St. Andrew’s are supported by the people of our parish who contribute their time (a lot of effort), treasure, and donate many items to help others in need. Our work is also supported by the annual distribution of funds from the St. Andrew’s Endowment, the annual Red Envelope campaign, and from the annual budget of the church.

Throughout the week, you will find members of St. Andrew’s out in our community, seeking to respect the dignity of every human being by being present and actively supporting those among us who are without shelter, sustenance, and care.

How can you get involved?

St. Andrew’s partners with and lends support to the following programs supporting marginalized communities both locally and globally:

The Colorado Haiti Project Metro Caring
CHARG Resource Center Project Education South Sudan
Episcopal Relief and Development The St. Francis Center
Family Promise of Greater Denver St. Elizabeth’s School
Florence Crittendon Services of Colorado Women’s Residences at Irving Street

Many St. Andrew’s members also lend support to philanthropies that do not receive aid from St. Andrew’s at this time.

  • Colorado Haiti Project

Location: Petit Trou de Nippes, Haiti

Website: www.coloradohaitiproject.org

St. Andrew’s Contact: Meg North or Wib Garfield

Three Episcopal priests founded the Colorado Haiti Project (CHP) in 1991. CHP works in direct partnership with the people of Petit Trops de Nippes, Haiti to create a prosperous, healthy, educated, and empowered population. From its humble beginnings of building a well and a simple structure to house St. Paul’s School and Church, CHP has grown to work in partnership with the broader community to implement a multi-sector package of education, health, economic development, water sanitation, and hygiene programs with a vision of sustainable and community-fostered impact.

  • CHARG Resource Center

Location: 709 E 12th Ave, Denver, CO 80203                          (303) 830-8805

Website: www.charg.org

St. Andrew’s Contact: Al Grinestaff

Capital Hill Action and Recreation Group (CHARG) has worked persistently for over 25 years to address the dire lack of public mental health treatment programs in Denver for the mentally ill.

An innovative community established in 1989, CHARG serves adults with major metal health illnesses such as schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and major depression. CHARG is a joint venture of people who believe that effective and everlasting empowerment of persons with mental illness occurs when they can make their own decisions regarding needs, and that they can thrive with dependable and ongoing services.

David Burman, CHARG’s Director, summarized it best when he said, “Building a truly equal partnership between professionals and those we serve has been tremendously rewarding”.

St. Andrew’s 2016 gift to CHARG enabled them to rebuild their handicapped entrance and also provided funds to cover participant’s prescription medication costs.

  • Episcopal Relief and Development

Website: www.episcopalrelief.org

Episcopal Relief and Development (ERD) is the worldwide relief agency of the Episcopal Church.  ERD works with church partners and local organizations to save lives, and transform communities worldwide. ERD rebuilds after disasters and empowers people to create lasting solutions to fight poverty, hunger, and disease. Working in close to 40 countries, ERD’s programs impact the lives of approximately 3 million people around the world.

  • Family Promise of Greater Denver

West Fifth Avenue and Lipan Street Denver, CO 80204

Phone: 303-675-0713

Website: www.familypromiseofgreaterdenver.org

St. Andrew’s volunteer location: 1st Unitarian Church, 14th and Lafayette, Denver

St. Andrew’s Contact: Lynne Valentine

Family Promise of greater Denver provides homeless families with emergency shelter, housing location services, and employment services. Families are housed in local churches for a week a time, where they receive nutrition education, parenting tips, financial planning, and job seeking support. Families adhere to a strict schedule, which includes a no drug and/or alcohol policy. While families are in the program, they receive weekly counseling. They can remain in the program for 30 days. After 30 days, if they have transitioned to housing, they may attend follow up programs at headquarters.

St. Andrew’s assists Family Promise four times a year at the 1st Unitarian Church by providing dinner on Wednesday and Thursday nights, breakfast on Saturday morning, and overnight supervision by two volunteers who spend Thursday night at the church on an 8:00 PM to 7:00 AM shift. A private room is provided.

St. Andrew’s 2016 gift to Family Promise provided enhancements to the Headquarters to accommodate family gatherings.

  • Florence Crittendon Services

Address: 96 South Zuni Street Denver, CO 80223

Website: www.flocrit.org

St. Andrew’s Contact: Lynne Valentine

The Florence Crittenton Mission was established in Denver in 1893 to protect and shelter vulnerable young women. At the turn of the 20th century, Florence Crittenton became a residential home for unwed, pregnant women who lived at the home until they gave birth and placed their children for adoption.

Today Florence Crittenton Services is a Denver nonprofit with a mission to educate, prepare, and empower teen mothers to become productive members of the community. They have a nationally recognized two-generation program model that helps teen families break the cycle of poverty through education, health and wellness, and economic and social asset building.

St. Andrew’s supports Florence Crittenton Services by setting up an annual giving tree during the Christmas season. Each card on the giving tree represents a gift for a child whose mother is with Florence Crittenton. Look for the Giving Tree in the entryway to the sanctuary starting in late November.

  • Metro Caring

Location: 1100 E 18th Ave, Denver, CO 80203        (303) 860-7200

Website: www.metrocaring.org

St. Andrew’s Contact: Barbara Young

Metro Caring began at St. Andrew’s in the area of the Parish House that is now our nursery! Metro Caring has grown into Denver’s leading hunger prevention organization. Simultaneously fighting hunger and promoting sustainability, Metro Caring receives and redistributes over 2.3 million pounds of nutritious food, 72% of it fresh, each year. Metro Caring’s holistic approach to ending hunger includes a free fresh-food market, nutrition and gardening education, and tools for self-sufficiency such as the Seeds for Success job training program, and financial literacy programs. They also provide help obtaining state I.D.’s. Over 300 volunteers contribute weekly to their daily operations.

Metro Caring encourages you to learn more about their hunger programs, volunteer opportunities, or support their hunger-prevention efforts by donating food, funds, and time.

St. Andrew’s has a basket at the altar where food donations can be deposited. Donations are transported every week to their facility.

  • Project Education South Sudan

Website: www.projecteducationsouthsudan

St. Andrew’s Contact: Joyce Culwell

Two St. Andrew’s parishioners, Carol and Rich Rinehart, founded project Education South Sudan (PESS). Real change comes from within a community. PESS is lead by a former Sudanese Lost Boy, Daniel Majok Gai, who has chosen to return from the U.S. to his native country to work on the ground providing much needed presence. This leadership makes PESS uniquely positioned to partner with South Sudanese communities as they empower their own leaders, educate their girls, and create essential physical infrastructure in the following areas:

Leadership Development: Teacher education, health management programs, which train the trainers, and workshops in financial literacy and other economic skills are the core of our indigenous leadership empowerment. These programs are primarily led by South Sudanese and created with a local context.

Girl’s Education: Inside classroom and out, girls are empowered with the skills they need to build a better future. This includes HIV/AIDS awareness and menstrual management in addition to a formal education curriculum and leadership development.

Community Infrastructure: The physical development we support makes water more accessible. More accessible water frees girls up for education by shortening their daily tasks and allows communities to be built from the ground up.

St. Andrew’s 2016 gift to PESS funded scholarships for girl’s education.

  • The St. Francis Center

Address: 2323 Curtis Street, Denver

Website: www.sfcdenver.org

St. Andrew’s Contacts: Jennifer Macy, Brother James hall, and the St. Andrew’s Middle School TSE 2nd Sunday Volunteers.

Father Burke Womack founded the St. Francis Center (SFC), a refuge for homeless men and women in the Denver Metro area.  SFC provides day shelter and services that enable people to meet their basic needs for daily survival and to transition out of homelessness. On an average day, over 700 people will pass through the doors of SFC.

SFC is a 7 days per week, 365 days per year operation and could not exist without the support of volunteers. SFC is able to accommodate a variety of schedules and circumstances. Volunteers provide hands-on caring by participating in the following critical areas:

  • Basic services: distributing mail, messages, and basic hygiene items and assisting with storage.
  • Working in the clothing room
  • Doing laundry and sorting donations
  • Working in the men’s shower areas, monitoring use, providing towels, and hygiene items.

St. Andrew’s keeps a donation basket at the altar. Needed items include toiletries, sanitary supplies, men’s jeans, socks, gently used towels, and gloves. In addition to the TSE rotation, we have a regularly scheduled volunteer roster that works at the center the second Sunday of each month.

  • Elizabeth’s School

Address: 2350 Gaylord Street, Denver CO 80205

Website: www.stelizabethsdenver.org

St. Andrew’s Contact: Lynne Valentine and Anne Jesse

Heather Delzell, the Rev. Connie Delzelle’s daughter, founded St. Elizabeth’s School (SES). Ramsay Stabler is the current head of school and has this to say:

“Simply stated, St. Elizabeth’s is an outstanding educational environment that has a commitment to the development of the whole                       child academically, socially, spiritually, and artistically.

What separates SES from other fine private schools is our commitment to enrolling a well-balanced and economically diverse school community. Essential to this policy is the Family Commitment Plan, which is based on a sliding scale tuition system, which eliminates the categories of “scholarship” and “financial aid”. It is designed to determine each student’s tuition according to the principle that a family’s financial investment should be equitable to its financial resources.”

St. Andrew’s 2016 gift to St. Elizabeth’s School was designated to supporting the sliding scale tuition program and also for the Head of School discretionary fund.

  • Women’s Residences at Irving Street

301 South Irving, Denver CO 80219

website: www.voacolorado.org

St. Andrew’s Contact: Barbara Bomberger

Part of the Colorado Volunteers of America, Irving Street Residences for Women is a residential and support program designed to serve chronically homeless women who are either physically or experience mental health issues. Chronically homeless means they have been homeless for one continuous year or more, or have been homeless four times in three years. Residents must be referred by community agencies.

Irving Street houses 12 women in 15 sleeping rooms with no maximum length of stay. The program offers a home-like environment where women can live without the fear of returning to the streets. Residents are empowered to care for themselves, maintain their living spaces, participate in food planning and preparation, plan their daily activities and provide mutual support of each other in a community living environment.

There are numerous volunteer opportunities. St. Andrew’s parishioners staff the office, help with weekly food deliveries, teach cooking and art crafting classes, sort clothing, garden, and host a monthly chicken dinner and song night.

St. Andrew’s 2016 designated gift provides emergency transportation funds for the residents to appointments and other necessities.

2016 Funds

In 2016 we were blessed to give out a total of $20,834.66 to the following organizations:

Organization Gift Amount Purpose
Volunteers of America Irving Street 4,000 Emergency transportation and other needs of the women who live at Irving Street.
Bibles for St. Francis Center 340 Bibles
Reading Glasses for Bible Study 100 Reading glasses
St. Elizabeth's School 3,400 Tuition Assistance and Headmaster's Discretionary Fund
CHARG 1,500 Repair Handicap Ramp and to offset prescription medication costs
Project Education South Sudan 4,550 Girls' Scholarships
Colorado Haiti Project 5,345 Nurse education and emergency hurricane relief
Family Promise 1,600 Improve on site family common area.