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About Us

Vision & Mission

Welcome to St. Andrew’s, Denver

There is a Place for You Here...

The vision that inspires us is “the Tree of Life is Growing Here.” The mission statement that guides us is “We are called to offer sanctuary in the city, to grow in God’s love, to seek the renewal of the world.” This vision and mission shape our emphasis on excellence in worship and music, full inclusion of every person, commitment to service and advocacy in Denver and the world, faith formation for all ages, and stewardship of our land and historic buildings.
St. Andrew's Episcopal Church, located in downtown Denver, Colorado, is surrounded by economic and demographic diversity. Our members come together to be a part of this unique community that values Anglo-Catholic liturgical practice, beautiful devotional music, full inclusion of all people, and engagement with the world beyond our doors. Our congregation is made up of individuals who are passionate about our identity and dreams for the future – to grow in diversity, inclusion, evangelism, outreach, Christian education, and our commitment to families of all types – while maintaining the traditions on which St. Andrew’s was built.

…Part of Our Identity
We come from diverse religious, social, and economic backgrounds.
We come from many directions and distances to participate in the community.
Our worship and music are essential to our common life, and God’s communion table is open to all in this place
Our parish community includes seniors, youth, children, LGBTQIA individuals, and families of all sorts