Godly Play and TSE

Godly Play and The Sunday Experience
Our Godly Play program has resumed. We meet in the undercroft during the 9am Service, open to all children ages 3 and up. Godly Play is a deeply enriching, enchanting way for young parishioners to experience the rich stories of the Bible. Most weeks, we will be sharing Godly Play stories during this time. We will also continue to supplement Godly Play with activities that expand on what we are learning, giving us a chance to explore activities like art, music, or explorations like our outdoor labyrinth activity from this past summer. Children's programming (Godly Play or supplemental activities) will be offered every week.
TSE (the Sunday Experience, our Sunday youth group) is also making its return. We meet every Sunday from 10 to 11 am in the Parish House. This is open to youth grades 4th grade and up. We will be exploring "the Walk and the Well", working to understand how Jesus asks us to act in the world and all of the challenges that entails, and also understand how to tap into the deep well of spiritual nourishment Jesus can offer us to help us walk with grace and support. This is a group open to all voices and views, and doubters and questioners are immensely welcome here - this is not a group about making you believe "correctly", but an open group dedicated to genuine questioning and exploration.
Note on age range: "Youth group" is often 6th grade and up - but we are a small community, and expanding our range makes sense. And so, the cutoff for TSE is not so much a strict grade or age, but an ability and interest to dive into these deeper questions of faith and engage in some challenging conversations.