Conversation Prompt 4

Connecting Now + Imagining our Future 

By Diane Jameson

Over the past four years, we have planted and/or restored four gardens. My favorite garden is the hell strip wildscape across from the North Garden. Last fall, we pulled hundreds of weeds, tilled the soil, sowed native wildflower seeds, watered thoroughly and crossed our fingers. This spring, the weeds came back, but within a couple of months they were overshadowed by a multitude of 6 foot sunflowers and Colorado bee plants. When the wildflowers appeared, so did the birds, wildlife and pollinators. Rabbits came for food and shelter, squirrels buried peanuts, birds enjoyed shelter and seed heads, and pollinators, bees and butterflies, numbered in the thousands. Every time I come to garden, I marvel at the abundance of life, our interconnectedness to the world around us, and I better understand that we are called to be good stewards of our fragile world. The gardens are where I see God, in God’s creation, an altar in the world.

I wonder where you see God in the world?  How does that inspire you to imagine our future at St Andrew’s?
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  1. Fall is my favorite season of the year because of the changing colors. It’s another way to see God’s creativity. You’re not far behind Diane. Your flowers and gardening are spectacular!! Thank you for sharing your gifts.

  2. Seeing all the bees is particularly amazing. It was so much fun last year showing the Godly Play kids the little native Colorado bees in the back gardens. These bees are so small that you would hardly notice this if you weren’t looking for them. Now we have all kinds of bees in the wild flowers are are hearing more song birds too! Our gardens are a real asset to the neighborhood.

  3. It has been such a pleasure for me and my grandsons to help with the gardens. Edward and Matthew were amazed to see the pictures of the sunflowers they had planted last year, which self-seeded to grow again this year. It’s lovely to extend our idea of providing sanctuary in the city to all of God’s creatures. Thank you, Diane and Reese, for your vision for creating our beautiful gardens!

  4. Work in the garden, and being able to watch it flourish over the last couple of years, has been a source of joy and nourishment for me. And for others. I’ve had conversations with neighbors who are really grateful that the St. Andrew’s community has provided a bit of beauty and habitat here in the middle of the city. I’m so grateful to you, Reese and Diane, for your vision and your hours of hard work!

  5. St. Andrew’s is a sanctuary for so many creatures thanks to all that you and Reese have done, not to mention having one of the most beautiful gardens ever. Gardening is as vital a ministry as anything I can think of. Thank you so much for your leadership in caring for creation.

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