Conversation Prompt 8

Connecting Now + Imagining our Future

Please Pledge Now To Support Our Mission and Ministries in 2021

This year has brought unusual, unexpected challenges to all of us, individually and in community. Through all the ups and downs of 2020, our parish family has come together in new ways: virtual worship, drive-by ingatherings to support our neighbors in need, online opportunities for conversation, prayer, and formation for all ages. We have connected in vital ways with each other and the world.

This Stewardship Season we have been exploring those Human Connections at St. Andrew’s and how those connections help us when Imagining Our Future. Some of the Conversation Starters have come from long-time parishioners, some from newer parishioners and some from our youngest parishioners. Each offers a unique look at our community and an invitation to imagine our future.

Imagining Our Future allows us to envision how we will participate in our thriving community. Participation includes the sharing of our time, talent and treasure – and during our Stewardship Season, we focus especially on the sharing of treasure.

We invite you to join with us in Imagining Our Future by pledging for 2021. Please prayerfully consider your financial commitment for the coming year. To pledge electronically, simply email or click here.

You can use the traditional pledge card which was mailed out this week to all parishioners who have not already pledged. If you have not received a pledge card and would like to use this means, please contact

Without you, there is no community and no connection. Together, we imagine and work towards a new future, guided by our vision, living into our mission, gathered by the power of the Holy Spirit, who overcomes all distances to make us one.

Thank you in advance for your generosity.


How do you imagine our future in 2021? What can make this imagining a reality? 

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  1. What a variety of responses during this season of Fall, Stewardship and reflection on what St Andrews has meant to so many…yes, from old timers to newbies.

    For me, as an almost 4-year member, I love the community. I love being ushered quickly into a leadership role. I live in Broomfield , and, I believe, am the only member of St Andrews to live here.

    I have loved how technology has allowed ALL of us to connect with one another while staying safe. I loved the outside services which I feel have shown us that there are many ways to worship in the style of an Episcopalian.

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