Endowment Committee Report

2021 Endowment Committee Report

Thanks to some generous bequests, the endowment of Saint Andrew’s presently is worth more than $800,000.  The funds are invested by the Colorado Episcopal Foundation.  In 2020, the endowment committee authorized a loan to the parish of up to $130,000 to repay loans from parishioners.  The committee also recommended changes to the articles of incorporation and bylaws of the church.  One such change involved changing the percentage given to the church from the endowment annually from 3% to 5%.  That money may only be used for specific purposes such as outreach and debt service.
The endowment committee consists of six members who serve three-year terms; present members are:  Marjanne Claassen, Rick Larson, Elizabeth Rohrbough, Benjamin Skeen, Jake Thomas, and Lynne Valentine.  Thanks to Jennifer Barker and Nancy Weaver, who both recently completed six years of service on the committee.
Please consider a gift to Saint Andrews when you are drawing up a will or other estate plans!  And should you decide to make the church a beneficiary, please let us know so we can thank you in advance for your generosity.