Excuse Me, Where The…?

Excuse Me, Where's The...?

Restroom? Women’s and Men’s restrooms (each with a diaper-changing station) are located downstairs in the church at the far end of the undercroft. Take the elevator down or use either staircase outside the church. There are also restrooms in the Parish House on both floors.

Undercroft (and what is it)?

The lower level, or basement, of an Anglican church is traditionally referred to as the undercroft.  It’s where we hold most of our fellowship activities, including coffee hour after services.


The elevator, which serves each level of the church building, is located on the right side of the main floor of the church as you face forward – by the large statue of the Virgin and Child. It is accessible on the ground level from the northeast parking lot adjacent to the church.

Nursery? Sunday School?

Our nursery is located in the Parish House across the courtyard from the church. Enter from the courtyard, second door on the left. Children four to 11 will be met by their Godly Play leader downstairs at the front of the undercroft.

Parish Office?

All offices are located in the Parish House, across the courtyard from the church.

Church Parking?

Parking is available at no charge on Saturdays and Sundays and evenings after 5PM in the parking lot to the northeast of St. Andrew’s. There are also a number of parking spaces immediately adjacent to the church.

Closest Light Rail Station?  

The "L" line is the closest light rail train to the church.  The stop is at 20th Avenue and Welton Streets.  For more details, click here for access to RTD's website.

Closest RTD Bus Routes? 

With our proximity to the central business district of downtown Denver, there are many bus routes that stop near the church.  The '28' and '32' routes are on 19th Avenue.  The '8' and '44' are on Broadway.   The '43' route is on California Street.  For more details, click here for access to RTD's website.