New Around Here?

New Around Here?

Welcome to St. Andrew's.

If you are not familiar with the traditions of the Episcopal Church, you may be somewhat mystified by or curious about some of our actions or the terms we use. Please feel free to join in the ceremonies and physical postures of our worship, such as kneeling, standing, making the sign of the cross, as you are comfortable, willing, and able.

The order of worship is outlined in the service leaflet you’ll be handed as you enter the church. In it you’ll find these references:

BCP and the Hymnal – The Book of Common Prayer (smaller book with a cross on the front cover) guides prayer and worship together. ‘BCP’ will always be followed by a page number. The Hymnal 1982 (larger book with the title on the cover) contains most of the music we sing. ‘S’ before a hymn number indicates Service Music, found in the first section of the Hymnal.

Collect – The short prayer read at the beginning of the service, signifying the collecting, or coming together, of our selves, our thoughts and prayers.

Antiphon – a short text sung responsively during the Psalm.

Tract – The hymn sung during the Gospel procession. At some times of year, there will be a “Sequence Hymn” instead of the tract. 

And a few architectural terms commonly used:

Garth – The courtyard and gardens between the church and Parish House.

Narthex – Historically, a church entrance. Our narthex might also be called the entry porch.

Nave – Related to the Latin word for ship, the traditional symbol of the Church; the central portion of our church building. When you’re seated in one of the pews or chairs on the main level, you are in the nave of the church.

Parish House – Our clergy and administrative offices, library, nursery, and children’s ministry are located here – just across the garth from the church.

Sanctuary, or Chancel – The elevated area where the altar and liturgical items are placed.

Undercroft – The level of the church beneath the nave – our basement. Please join us in the undercroft for coffee hour after services!