Lectio Divina for Justice

Lectio Divina: Contemplative Prayer 


When social justice-oriented parishioners asked to include a prayerful component, The Social Justice Ministry introduced contemplative prayer to our advocacy work.

A practice of Lectio Divina uses materials written by authors of color, often poetry, and sometimes integrated with scripture, to enrich our prayerful consideration.

We begin each session with a time of intercessory prayer, naming aloud concerns related to social justice.

The Lectio Divina proceeds in four stages, each guided by the Holy Spirit:

  • Lectio: the hearing of the words
  • Meditatio: the application in meditation (often journaling)
  • Oratio: forming prayer (often writing) around the meditation
  • Contemplatio: a ten-minute time of “Resting in God” centering prayer (Thomas Keating)

This practice has proven to be powerful for those gathered.

We meet on Zoom every Thursday at noon.

You are invited to join us. Contact Jim Fittz for more information:

Phone: 970-396-0420

Email: jamesfittz@mac.com