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Mission and Outreach partner updates

Metro Caring:  Metro Caring continues to have growing needs and serves an ever-growing number of community members.  The Fresh Food Market is closed, but individuals can pick up prepared boxes of food through a walk-up or a drive-through at the location.  Primarily because of the pandemic, they are facing a shortage of volunteers.  They are now accepting volunteers of all ages and have several volunteer positions that are more socially distanced, such as doing phone work or working in the warehouse.  Metro Caring is offering virtual tours of the facility, which includes information about how they are coping with the needs and changes caused by COVID.  If you are interested in a virtual tour, please contact Janice Woodward (Janice.L.Woodward@gmail.com) or Jonah Heiser (jw.heiser@outlook.com).

St. Francis Center:  Because of COVID restrictions, St. Francis Center is now only allowed to have 115 guests in the day shelter at a time.  They are currently working on a one-in, one-out basis.   Staff brings coffee and mail to those waiting to enter the center.  St. Francis is also seeking volunteers and does have social-distanced opportunities sorting donations in the back of the day center.  They also are in need of the following in-kind items:  men’s pants, gloves, coats, Vaseline, foot powder, and mouth wash.  Items can be dropped off by appointment set by calling:  303.244.0761ellie@sfcdenver.org.

Irving St. Residence for Women:  St. Andrew’s Daughters of the King group continues to provide birthday cheer—cards and cupcakes—once a month for the residents, which is a true treat above the daily routine.  Connie Klein is exploring the chance to facilitate a monthly support group for the women.  This group would begin virtually and perhaps move to in-person after the pandemic.

Project Education South Sudan:  South Sudan is suffering from terrible flooding from the Nile River.  Schools have been closed, but a few are now open and girls in the 8th and 12 are attending school at buildings that are not affected by the flooding.  These girls study around 10 hours/day in order to pass the exit exams.  All of the PESS graduates from last year are now employed.  The regular school year will begin in March 2021.

SAGE:  SAGE is still operating remotely.  Connections are being made by phone to make sure that all participates are coping through the pandemic.

CHARG:  CHARG is operating on a limited-basis with most of the programs being offered virtually. 

Family Promise:  Family Promise now has a house in the Cap Hill area on Pearl Street.  The house has 11 bedrooms and is able to house 2 families.  The families who are currently living there are the families that are most prepared to move to their own housing.  All other families are still housed in motels, as churches are still not able to provide the housing.  Family Promise is also looking for volunteers to staff shifts at the Family Promise House.

Rocky Mountain Refuge for End of Life Care: The Refuge’s mission is to offer dignity to our Denver-area neighbors with terminal illnesses, who are experiencing homelessness, by providing a  comfortable place to live during their last days, an alternative to dying on the street.  The staff and volunteers will offer basic care, cleaning, and companionship.  Hospice agency partners will provide skilled nursing and physician services.  The Refuge plans to be operational in the first quarter of 2022.  For information about ways to help, please contact Peter DeBlois (pbdeblois@gmail.com). Find out more on their website: https://rockymountainrefuge.org/

St. Elizabeth’s School:  St. Elizabeth’s School continues to work to remain flexible during the pandemic.  They follow all of the city/state/CDC guidelines on safety for students, teachers, and staff. 

Episcopal Relief and Development:  Episcopal Relief & Development works with our partners worldwide to alleviate hunger, create economic opportunities, respond to disasters, promote health and strengthen communities.  During this time of pandemic, their efforts are focused throughout the world.

Colorado Village Collaborative:  The Women’s Village at Clara Brown Commons will have a virtual launch party on December 3 from 3:30-4:30pm.  Registration to participate in this online event can be found on the website:  coloradovillagecollaborative.org.

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