Maundy Thursday

Could you not watch with me one hour?

Thank you for watching at the Altar of Repose on this night. We do this in remembrance of our Lord’s request of his friends, that they remain with him through this night of prayer. We keep this watch with Christians around the world, from every branch of the faith, in the humblest and grandest of churches. Even this year, in this very different Holy Week, we can keep watch.
We invite you to open up one of these pictures on your screen:

Follow LINK to Facebook for a meditation to use along with the pictures if you like. 

Or, follow one of these links to see live-streamed vigils around the country:

For other Maundy Thursday liturgies, at the National Cathedral in Washington, DC, or The Cathedral of St. John the Divine, in New York City, see. or

When you have a still photo or a live-stream on your screen, enter into a time of prayer. You may want to light a candle. Please use this time as you feel called. It is not necessary to remain in prayer throughout your watch. Reading, quiet walking, handwork, are appropriate ways to use the time.

Thank you for your faithfulness, and for your witness.

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