Native Garden

Expanding our Native Garden

This summer we’ll be expanding our native garden to include the “tree lawn” in front of the church, between the sidewalk and the street. This landscaped area will include rocks, a berm, and benches in addition to plantings. We have funds on hand from an earlier generous donation to complete the first phase of the project.

To see the plans for this new garden, click here.

Want to help? If you would like to volunteer with raking and planting and other tasks, email

We are hoping to raise the funds to complete this project by the end of summer. Even with volunteer labor and donated plants, we’ll need about $10,000 more. If you would like to contribute, please write a check to St. Andrew’s, marked “Tree lawn” or use the donate button on our website, here. Be sure you leave “special instructions” specifying the tree lawn project.

Ten percent of funds donated will be contributed to an organization supporting homeless individuals. We understand that in landscaping the tree lawn in this manner, we make it inaccessible to homeless individuals who have camped there in the past, and who have fewer and fewer places to sleep or rest. If you would like to discuss this project and its effect on our homeless neighbors, please contact Mother Elizabeth.