Connecting now - Imagining our future

Conversation Prompt 8

Wrap Up Message:
This Stewardship Season we have been exploring those Human Connections at St. Andrew’s and how those connections help us when Imagining Our Future. Some of the Conversation Starters have come from long-time parishioners, some from newer parishioners and some from our youngest parishioners. Each offers a unique look at our community and an invitation to imagine our future.
How do you imagine our future in 2021? What can make this imagining a reality? 

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Conversation Prompt 7

By: Vivian and Elena
What special moments at St. Andrew’s warm your heart, provide you with sacred memories and keep you connected to our community? How do those moments influence you when Imagining our Future?

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Conversation Prompt 6

By: George Schwartz

I wonder how you feel joined with St Andrew’s at this time?
I wonder what you imagine for the future?
I wonder what you think is most important, or what matters most in your life?

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Conversation Prompt 5

By: Stewardship Committee
On the eve of Election Day, in this time of deep political and societal division, what do we, as people of faith, bring to the table?

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Conversation Prompt 4

By Diane Jameson
I wonder where you see God in the world?  How does that inspire you to imagine our future at St Andrew’s?

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Conversation Prompt 3

By Shawn Nowlan
What connections do you make at St. Andrew’s? 
And how do those connections help you discern new opportunities to find your ministry?

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Annual Pledge Season 2021

Jesus knew human connections were important. The early church knew human connections were important, and now, centuries later and thousands of miles away, we still know human connections are important. During this time of COVID 19, with social distancing, self-quarantining, and widespread uncertainty, this very simple yet profound need for connection has become even more apparent. 

While we know the challenges of “Coronatide” will end, still we wonder, “What will our future look like?” If we see through the eyes of faith, can we imagine that, during this challenging time, God is making all things new?

Each autumn, we pause to consider and plan for the coming year in this community — the direction, and the resources to support that direction. This year, we want to focus on the human connections within our community, and how those connections can help lay the foundation for imagining our future. 

Over the next four weeks, parishioners will host a series of online written  conversations about human connections within the St. Andrew’s community, and how those connections influence the way they imagine our future. On Mondays and Fridays, you will receive a special email, with a conversation starter from the host, and an invitation to respond in writing by clicking a link. 

We look forward to these conversations and the unexpected gifts and insights they will bring. Connect with the conversation as we imagine our future!

Elizabeth P. Randall, Rector
St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church, Denver
Stewardship, 2021

Download and Print form. Then Mail, and/or Scan and Email the form to the office (requested) by November 16, 2020. Form linked here.

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Attn: Stewardship 2021

2015 Glenarm Pl.

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