Safe Church Resource Page

Safe Church is the Episcopal Church’s model policy for protecting vulnerable parishioners, including our youngest members. All parishioners are encouraged to take Safe Church training, even if you’re not involved in a ministry that strictly requires it. However, certain roles within the church require you to maintain your Safe Church training, including working with youth, anyone who holds a key to the church, vestry members, and other roles. Training must be completed once every 3 years in order to be in compliance. If you need to check your most recent certification date, email Scott at, and we will let you know if you need to renew your training.

Note: currently, online Safe Church training is the ONLY format offered. In-person trainings will be made available in the coming year, but currently there is no confirmed start date for resuming in-person trainings.


  1. Go to: to begin.
  2. From the Safe Church page above, follow the step-by-step instructions provided HERE (this is in PDF format, so you can download and save these instructions to use as you move through the process).
  3. As noted in the PDF instructions, once you have completed your training, email your transcript to St. Andrew’s Safe Church Supervisor, Scott Coulter, at


The Episcopal Church encourages ALL parishioners to complete Safe Church training every 3 years to help maintain the safety of all of our members. However, a number of roles within the church REQUIRE completion of Safe Church training every 3 years in order to maintain compliance with the policies of the Episcopal Church in Colorado. These include:

  • All staff members.
  • All vestry members.
  • All parishioners holding keys to the church.
  • All lay ministry leaders and volunteers.
  • All those involved in any way with youth in the church.