Call to Order: Rector Elizabeth Randall called the Annual Meeting of St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church Denver to order. Presiding were Matt Bentley, Senior Warden and Elizabeth Randall, Rector. Also at the front table were Bob Mosher, Treasurer and Shelley Brown, Clerk. Elizabeth affirmed that with 135 members present there was a quorum.

Election of Vestry Members: Five new members were needed. Matt asked the Vestry candidates to stand, and named them to general applause.

Those standing for election to the Vestry: Toni Amicarella; Peggy Bryson; Edie Busam; Kathleen Beatty; Christen Epstein; Kathy Fleming; Kaylie Haynes; and Judie James. Reese Jameson stood for election to his second year as Junior Warden, and Roger Kilgore for his first year as Senior Warden.

Approval of the Minutes of the 2018 Annual Meeting*: Sonny Wiegand moved approval and Maryella Morley seconded. The motion passed unanimously.

Funding our Mission: Bob Mosher reported.

2018 Financial Report*: We reached close to 99% of our budgeted income, and expenses were 3% under budget, so we ended with about $10,000 net income over expenses. Bob referred the congregation to the details of the report.

2019 Budget*:

Budgeted income is not far off the actual income in 2018– so, in Bob’s opinion, this amount is a realistic goal.
We proposed to make one-time use of designated funds in 2018 but didn’t need them in that year, so they are in the 2019 budget.
The increase in the fundraising line is partially a result of combining efforts that were separate in previous budgets. The fundraising line now includes Friends of Music. Matt said that one of the things the Vestry wants to explore this year is to combine fundraising efforts and make it a more year-round effort. It’s the only revenue line that we can control. Friends of Music and the Silent Auction are the parish’s models for fundraising.

Evensong is still a separate line item in the budget.
Plate offering income is less predictable than we had built for. Asked about the contribution and future of the colored envelope plate project, Matt said that this would be up to the future Vestry.
Pledge: Asked about our progress toward $500,000 in budgeted pledges, Matt said that we’re still about $70,000 off; but looking at pledges that haven’t come in, we think we’ll get there. Elizabeth said that it’s been our experience over the past several years that a lot of pledges that aren’t in by the Annual Meeting, but they come in during the three weeks following. If not, we’ll have to revisit.

Budgeted Expenses:
Diocesan and Regional pledges are higher because there is an increase in the budgeted plate and pledge.
Most administrative expenses have a 3%reduction from the 2018 budget, but the 2019 budget is close to 2018 actual expenses.
Cuts in Building and Grounds expenses were made at the suggestion of the Reese Jameson, Junior Warden. Asked about whether we plan any deferred maintenance, and if capital needs assessments have been done to predict replacement schedules for parish equipment, Bob said that if we took on a capital campaign these would be things we’d need to look at.
The music expense budget includes restoration of the 9 am choir.

Use of Endowment Funds for Parking Lot Purchase: Roger Kilgore reported in his capacity as Chair of the Building Our Vision committee. He asked that the ballot addressing the proposal be handed out. The idea following came out of the Building Our Vision committee. It is unanimously supported by the Vestry and by the Endowment Committee, and also requires approval by a 2/3 majority of the parish.

The Endowment may not be used for operating expenses. We’ve used it to buy the parking lot we now own and to expand this church. The parking lot at 500 21st Street is the lot at the north end of the block and may be available for purchase. The Vestry has decided that there will be no debt associated with this purchase. Caledonian Development, LLC, would make the purchase. It is a single-member LLC now, and the only member is the church. If our offer is accepted we will purchase the lot; if it’s not the funds would not leave the endowment.Any other use would have to be approved by the Vestry, Endowment Committee, and the parish.

Benefits of the proposed purchase: We would own everything on the block from the parish house north to 21st and from the alley east to Glenarm. This would allow us to consider parking and expansion needs and give us much more flexibility, and much more opportunity to develop the property.

The Endowment’s current balance is $720,000, so this offer would leave about $220,000 in the endowment. Questioned about how this would affect the Outreach line item which is partially funded by Endowment interest each year, Roger said that the issue had been thought about but nothing specific had been decided; and that in his experience the Endowment has fluctuated from around $100,000 to its all-time high right now. Roger clarified that the source of funding for the Endowment is usually bequests, and that the Endowment’s increase over the past two years resulted from bequests from the estates of Randy Wren and George Magnuson. This potential purchase provides more opportunities for the Mental Health Center of Denver (MHCD) project or similar endeavor, but further conversations depend on what happens with the purchase of the north lot. The property, like the area we already own, is within the historic district.

The Vestry has put restrictions on how much the parish could offer, and specified that no debt to the parish may result from the purchase. Caledonian also has funds that might be used. The parking lot(s) would remain in operation until a plan was developed for another use. If we are successful in acquiring it, it would continue being a parking lot until we had developed a plan for another use for it. Caledonian does pay property taxes on the current property. Chris Buri and Karen Mays, the two Caledonian managers, explained that there is no risk associated with buying the property for Caledonian.

Questioned about the purpose of the purchase, Roger clarified that we would be buying for our own use to develop in the future, and not to re-sell later. Elizabeth said that the purchase would greatly enhance and increase our capacity to give concrete expression to our mission – the potential of the two lots together is far greater than either of them separately.

Roger there being no more comments/questions from parishioners, Roger called the question. Ballots were distributed and collected for counting. See #9 below for results of the election.

Ministry Leadership Transitions: Elizabeth said that this parish depends for its health and vitality on the faithful ministries of all the baptized, and expressed her gratitude for those who take leadership. Elizabeth announced a number of transitions: Micaela Larsen Brown, taking leadership of the Readers Guild; Jonathan Culwell and Maryella Morley, leading the Welcoming team; Janice Woodward, chairing the Mission and Outreach ministry; Elizabeth Rohrbaugh, heading the Endowment Committee and taking over as Vestry Clerk; and Chris Buri and Karen Mayes, taking over management of Caledonian Development LLC.

Appreciation of Retiring Vestry Members, Clerk, and Senior Warden: Elizabeth talked about and thanked each person in turn: Retiring Vestry members Victoria Parker, Barbara Day and Kylie Schwartz; Clerk Shelley Brown; and Senior Warden Matt Bentley. She also thanked continuing Treasurer Bob Mosher and continuing Junior Warden Reese Jameson for their service.

Remarks from the Retiring and newly elected Senior Wardens: Matt and Roger shared their thoughts on this transition and on St. Andrew’s at this time in its life.

Announcement of Election Results:

Proposal to use Endowment funds for property purchase (see #5 above): 119 voted in favor of the proposal, 7 voted no and 2 abstained. A 2/3 vote (90 out of 135) was required, so the motion passed. Matt said that the Building Our Vision committee will have listening sessions in the next few months about the possible purchase.

Vestry election results: New Vestry members elected were Tony Amicarella, Kathleen Beatty, Peggy Bryson, Kathy Fleming, and Kaylie Haynes. Three will serve three-year terms; two will complete terms for Vestry members leaving before their three year term was complete. Reese Jameson was re-elected to his second one-year term as Junior Warden, and Roger Kilgore to his first one-year term as Senior Warden. Elizabeth thanked all who stood for election.

Adjournment: Elizabeth asked if there was any additional business for the meeting; there being none, she called for a motion to adjourn. This was moved and seconded; the motion passed unanimously. Elizabeth adjourned by initiating the exchange of the Peace, and the liturgy of the Eucharist resumed.

Respectfully submitted,
Shelley Brown, Clerk