Altar Guild

The Altar Guild is a group of women and men who serve God and support the rector in her ministry of public worship by preparing the church for the community celebration of our liturgies.

The Guild has recently been restructured by cooperatively defining tasks and responsibilities, and by encouraging the membership to assume greater involvement in these tasks and responsibilities.

We hope this restructuring will increase devotion and commitment in existing members and draw new members into the ministry.  We hope to welcome ten new members into the Altar Guild ministry.

The Guild supports St. Andrew’s traditions and encourages parish growth and goals.  In fulfilling this vision, we are open to suggestions from our Rector, our membership and the parish as a whole.  The Guild intends to be a dynamic ministry.

Current Ministry Members:

Regular Members:
  Bob Bartalot
  Richard DeTar
  Liz Evans (Sacristan)
  Jennifer Macy
  Cecilia Masson
  Scott Ramming
Special Altar Guild Ministries:
  Gluten-free Wafers:  Cindy Henning
  Linens:  Ann Luke
  Still Point Service/Communion Breads: Scott Ramming, Diane Jamieson, Lucy McGuffey
  Supplies:  Ron Yeater
  Weddings/Funerals:  Judie James