St. Andrew's offers many opportunities for participation in the life of our community. Please feel free to contact the office with any questions, if you need help finding where to jump in, or to sign up!

Becoming a member - We encourage you to attend worship services and other activities at St. Andrew’s to see if St. Andrew’s feels like the right church for you. If you have any questions about the church and membership, you may speak to Rev. Elizabeth Randall 

Acolytes - The Acolytes of St. Andrew’s serve God in the Church and in this parish by preparing for, assisting and participating with the clergy and people in the celebration of public worship on Sundays and Holy Days. Acolytes play an instrumental role in Sunday and Holy Day worship with the parish throughout the year. Contact Mike Kornelson

Altar Guild - The Altar Guild at St. Andrew’s is one of many ministries that, working together, celebrate God’s love and mission for the world, primarily in the service of the Holy Eucharist.  There are many different tasks that a member of the Altar Guild can volunteer for – setting and/or cleaning up the altar once a month; or doing smaller tasks, such as laundering and ironing linens, polishing chalices and other vessels from time to time, taking care of the prayer stands on either side of the altar, assisting at weddings, funerals or other services, etc.   This ministry is done “behind the scenes” and is deeply rewarding.  Contact Liz Evans

Arts Ministry -  Serving as stewards of the artistic, historical and aesthetic environment of the church, in particular as conservators of parish art works. Contact Diane Jameson

Buildings & Grounds - The Jr. Warden is responsible for the Church, Parish House, and Grounds, and he maintains a list of “handy” parishioners (painting, carpentry/woodworking, plumbing, electrical, gardening, sprinkler system, etc.) who volunteer their time and talents on a project basis. All are welcome to join this ministry to take care of our Sanctuary in the City. Contact Junior Warden Reese Jameson

Children's Formation and Child Care - Children are welcome to all aspects of worship and we invite you to discover more of our offerings for children and families in Children and Families Ministry. Regular childcare for infants through age 4 and programs for children are provided each Sunday. We always need volunteers to support this important ministry. Anyone interested in working regularly with children needs to have been a member of the parish for at least 6 months and to complete Safeguarding God's Children training every four years. Contact Zoe Cole

Choir - Under the direction of choirmaster Timothy J. Krueger, The St. Andrew’s Choir leads the congregational music, enhancing the liturgy and ennobling our collective praise. Members of the choir have been very committed to weekly rehearsals and services as well as times such as Advent, Christmas, and Holy Week. Learn More.

Coffee Hour Host - Every Sunday, individuals, families, or groups host coffee hour after the services. In addition to bringing some food, hosts help set up, make coffee and clean up the room, and meet and greet visitors and friends, making everyone feel welcomed at St. Andrew’s. We are grateful for the steady, persistent, and gracious way that so many people volunteer to host coffee hour. Many people have done so repeatedly; many have shared a special birthday or anniversary by hosting coffee hour. It is such a wonderful way to meet new friends and to welcome newcomers into our life together that it is a ministry that is not only important, but very easy and enjoyable.  Contact Dwight Shellman

Community of Caring- is part of the Pastoral Care ministry here at St. Andrew's. These Lay Pastoral Caregivers are trained to serve in all forms of pastoral care for those in the midst of illness, hospitalization, or for those experiencing something life changing. They are present in a listening, compassionate, and non-judgmental way to whatever you may be happening in your life. In this way, they seek to respond to your spiritual needs in a loving way.  Contact Susan Backus

Daughters of the King - The vision of the Daughters of the King is to know Jesus Christ, to make Him known to others, and to become reflections of God’s love throughout the world.  The Order focuses on prayer and service.

EfM (Education for Ministry) -  A theological distance learning program offered through the University of the South and offered at St. Andrews, in conjunction with the Church of the Holy Redeemer, as part of its adult education program.  In the past sixteen years 26 students have graduated from EfM groups at St. Andrew’s, and there are many parishioners who participated in EfM groups elsewhere prior to coming to St. Andrew’s.  EfM is designed to enable lay people to discover how to respond to the call of service and carry out their baptismal ministries.  Contact Selena Billington or Jennifer Macy

Eucharistic Visitors - A Eucharistic Visitor is a lay person authorized to take the Consecrated Elements in a timely manner immediately following the Sunday celebration of Holy Eucharist to members of the St. Andrew’s congregation who, by reason of illness or infirmity, are unable to be present at the celebration of the Holy Eucharist on any given Sunday. The role of Eucharistic Visitor is defined by the national canons of the Episcopal Church, and each Eucharistic Visitor is trained and licensed by the Diocese of Colorado and serves under the direction of the clergy. This ministry involves a significant commitment of time on any given Sunday. Our Eucharistic Visitors can be visiting anywhere from 2 to 6 persons in home, hospital or care facility settings as they engage in a relational ministry of presence as well as carrying the sacrament. Contact  Diana Solomon

Exploring Life and Faith (ELF) - is a weekly adult formation opportunity to more deeply explore faith, current events, and have fellowship and spiritual conversations with each other.  For current programming click here. Contact Nina Churchman for information.

Flower Guild - As an avenue to God, the Flower Guild enhances the beauty of worship through the skillful use of flowers and greens. Contact Judie James

Grow & Learn - The mission of St. Andrew’s Faith Formation is to provide thoughtful, spiritual education for Christian living grounded in the Episcopal Church’s devotional, theological and literary traditions. Learn more.

A Meal that Heals - Responds to needs by providing a nourishing meal to individuals and families. Our hope is that by offering a meal in a time of need like a surgery, illness, or childbirth, you can worry less about finding sustenance and more about renewal and refreshment. You can serve by participating in our quarterly “cook days,” providing food and/or money for food purchases, and/or the most rewarding: delivering prepared meals to parishioners when needs arise. Contact Barbara Day or Karen Mayes

Parish Life - We grow in God's love in a variety of ways, including fellowship, study, and small groups. Contact Debbie Courtney for more information about Moveable Feasts, Book and Movie Groups, and more! She'll connect you with our leadership in those ministries.

Prayer Chain - St. Andrew’s is a community bound together by worship and prayer. These prayer requests can be anything from a prayer for a friend about to start chemotherapy to a thanksgiving for the birth of a grandchild.  Requests can include a name or initials or not. We have a ministry of Prayer Chain members who hold these requests in prayer every day.  New members are always welcome, we operate by email. Contact Jean Rafsnider

Mission and Outreach - Throughout the week, you will find members of St. Andrew's in our community, seeking to respect the dignity of every human being, being present, and actively supporting those among us who are without shelter, sustenance, and care. Click here to see how you can get involved. Questions? Contact Janice Woodward

Readers - Our readers read the Old and New Testament lessons for each Sunday and holy day services. They are a part of the core of worship.  Contact Micaëla Larsen-Brown

Stewardship Ministry - Our Stewardship Ministry celebrates the many gifts God has bestowed upon us and in gratitude, responds to the Gospel invitation to nurture and share those gifts so that the Tree of Life may grow here. We provide the parish with the tools, knowledge and Biblical understanding necessary to nourish its spiritual growth and to take greater ownership of our vision and mission.  We study and implement the best practices for our annual pledge drive. We listen and respond to parish feedback and comments for improvement. We courageously explore and invite the parish to see new ways of tapping the potential of the many apparent and hidden gifts bestowed upon us.  Contact Susan Trickett

Vestry -   Is the discerning body of elected members that hold the vision & mission and have oversight over the parish finances.  Contact Senior Warden Roger Kilgore

Welcome Ministry- The Ushers and Greeters are the face of welcome at St. Andrew's.  We provide support for the church's liturgical services, and we strive to fulfill the responsibility of Christian Welcome. For each service we: Greet all, before-during-after the service, assist with the service as needed and with special needs of the congregation, and provide ongoing hospitality to newcomers and visitors. Contact Jonathan Culwell

Welcome Notes to Visitors- Do you enjoy reaching out and connecting to those who are new among us? Contact Barbara Young

Young Adults - We kindle connections between the 20- and 30-somethings of our parish, gathering regularly with people of the same life stage for fellowship and spiritual enrichment. We are in school and working, single and coupled, open minded and welcoming. We gather occasionally for concerts, meals, book studies, and fellowship. We are currently seeking new leadership or leadership partners.